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Creativity isn’t just about being able to paint or draw well. It’s not just about being able to write amazing stories, or even novels. It’s not just about sewing clothes, or making pottery on a wheel. All of those things are SO creative, of course, and I’m not taking away from them in any way.

But I want you to think about the less obvious, everyday forms of creativity. There are many ways every day that we get creative – and much of the time we don’t even consider it creativity!

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, how about the following examples?
  • You get home one evening to make dinner, and when you open the fridge there’s hardly anything there. But you still manage to put together a nutritious and filling dinner – you just had to get a bit creative.
  • Your child needs a fancy dress costume. Money is tight, so you decide to DIY it. You just need to get a little creative to do so.
  • Your nan wants help replanting a flowerbed in her garden. She wants it to be really colourful but isn’t sure how to plan it out – so you roll up your sleeves and get creative.
  • It’s your friend’s 30th birthday, and you’ve volunteered to make the cake for the party because, you know, you do a bit of baking. She loves shoes, so everyone thinks it’d be a great idea to make a stiletto-shaped cake. Daunted, but not wanting to be beaten by a cake, you take a deep breath and…get creative!

A massive part of being creative is nurturing your body and mind. I can almost guarantee that you’ll have a hard time focusing on anything creative if you’re tired or hungry. So if you want to get more creative, you need to think about how you can help your mind be in the best shape possible to do so.

The Get Creative Challenge is designed to help you get more creative in your everyday life. The ebook gives you suggestions of ways to get creative and nurture your body and mind to develop your creativity, whilst the workbook gives you a place to take notes and keep track of your ideas.

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